Bright skies, city lights!

This is about the boy you’ll never forget

who turned into the man who didn’t come back

This is about hope and faith, leaps, jolts, crevices that morphed into wells suffused with dirt and spider webs

This is about thoughts, about lyrics that merge old with new: words unspoken and wordsmiths

This was a comeback that ushered the fall back as  dawn behest daylight and the dusk, the night lights

Life is over when you have nothing to look forward to. 

What then to wake up to if not the lights of the night?

There are stories there!

Signèe: L’araignèe et le panthére

The present

This is it.

Yesterday, you were still striving to achieve, with many. There are still many dreams that you think have yet to come to fruition.

And as you really look around and see that as you were sketching, planning, creases have taken hold of your brows and nature painted some grays here and there beckoning you to the years spent.

This is it.

This is all there was. This. Right here. This second. This breath. You let it slip through your fingers. You can’t take anything back. The little joys, the beautiful sunsets, the unexpected trips, great smiles and sweet hugs. You thought too much, expected a lot, for what?


When will you take it in? It’s not even your time anymore. Your youth is spent. Your back is bowed, your knees weakened and your steps falter. An awakening come too late. 

This. Is. It.

Look around you.

Take it all in. Every breath. Every whisper. Every pain and all the beauty in happenings.


That’s the present.

It’s the now.



has a place 

they call home.

A soft place to fall.

A wanderer

yielding the call of the wild, 

strewn about in the wind.

Home: a shadow.

LNB 06/2021

God gives. He takes away. He mostly gives for a little time and takes away forever.