The one thing to remember

That’s the issue there’s always more than one thing. Everything must be remembered and in different sectors. There’s work things, bill things, medical things, kids’ things, health things, spiritual things, family things, house things, financial things, cooking things. There’s always something to remember.

Of all those things, that which takes precedence should be things that keep you sane, balanced and happy. My mind at all times juggle all these things sighing which I must stop, pull myself out if I can even find myself. It’s not like I can unsaddle some things, come back for them later or share them with someone who will help me juggle some of these things.

My mind is ready to combust at all times. Too many things. Way too many things when all I want is just sit in a corner and just “be”. I don’t want to remember or juggle. All I feel is tired. I’ve been juggling too long, handling too long, remembering too much and for too long. The “musts” are a burden, one I don’t care to carry.

I want to be.