The balancing act

Everyone needs someone sometimes. 

It may need be today, this moment or tomorrow. It may not be this one or that one or another. It will be one, anyone, someone.

Feeling used differs from useful in that the one being used has a need the other isn’t meeting. Feeling useful underlines reciprocity, not in the act but in mutual need that’s fulfilled at the same time, most times.

Being needed becomes a burden when you’re running on empty. When you’re filled, fueled in all ways necessary, being needed will elicit a sense of gratitude, can give you purpose as well. 

Relationships that last have one thing in common: mutual fulfillment. It is a giving and a taking. The giver has isn’t emptied by the taking for he has enough to give, not be left bereft. The taker has nothing left and is replenished, reenergized by the other. Mutual fulfillment creates balance. Balance brings on continuity.

We sometimes think our needs supersedes that of another or that the other is selfish for focusing only on their needs. What we should consider isn’t how one’s needs take precedence, more so that we can’t effectively create balance within the relationship, with that person, whether friend or blood.

Relationships are fluid, that’s why it matters to have balance.  Too much giving and you feel used. Too much taking and you start taking the other for granted. 

Even in moments of gratitude, we are really saying my needs are met by… It’s a giving and a taking that brings balance. 

A life of gratitude is a result of a balanced life. 

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