Chapo ba!

I like to write, a lot, but not as much as I love to live in my mind. I would love to share a piece of me, my thoughts, my poetry with you! I hope you like, laugh, but if not, it is okay as well. Just let me know that you passed by. Thanks and blessed be!


I read on an FB page but can’t recall where, (for credit) this statement: “The writer writes, the reader perceives”. I write. I eschew all responsibility thereafter. I am in no way solely able to affect your perception nor responsible for it, as this is a complex matter inclusive of your past, your values, your reading abilities or lack thereof, your culture, your intellect, your level of suspicion or paranoia (Of which I do suffer from btw and totally comprehend) etc.

In the past, I have had the misfortune of harassing a blogger friend of mine concerning some of his writes thinking them to be about me when most were not (Paranoia galore I tell you, smh). I also had the shoe on the other foot.

I am extremely straight forward. I pride myself on that fact why I am putting this statement here: “THIS BLOG IS ABOUT ME, MY PERCEPTION, MY LIFE, MY THOUGHTS”. The topics are based on inspiration from my PERSONAL experiences or how I view them, from issues I read, hear on television/radio or read from other blogs that inspire(d) me. They are in no way, shape or form about (only pertaining to me, my views) anyone else. My purpose for writing is for me, for my sanity and my enjoyment. I have it as a public blog because I want to share in the hopes that there are others like me who either have been through the same, known the same, read the same, or just love to read and/or encourage others to write, particularly for lovers of poetry (a rarity in my world).

I enjoy the feedbacks although I have to add that I shall abstain from forming any friendship outside of the repartees within the comments area, no gain no pain.  First and foremost WP and you dear bloggers are an indescribable source of pleasure in my life, thank you for everything thus far!

Peace and have a non-paranoid time on this blog!

66 thoughts on “About

  1. All of your poems are awesome. I’m glad you commented on my site so I could discover you… Where does your inspiration come from? (If you don’t mind being asked)


    1. Thanks, I enjoyed passing by your spot and will continue to pass by for more, more more of you. I should say that inspiration takes hold of me. I can sometimes seek it and it is not there. I consider it a blessing when I am touched by it. Most times, it appears in my saddest moments however.


  2. ….defunitely enjoyed the couple of your pieces taht I have read so far. Will come back for more! Thanks for allowing me in, in a sort!


  3. I have passed severally,but i have never entered this particular door, i hope its not too late to confess i have been stopping by each of your poetry to peep, read and comment? LOL!!!

    Ronke was here!!!


  4. Lady, you are very talented. I enjoy reading all your poems, they bring forth a load of different emotions. I can relate to so many of your pieces. You should definitely think about compiling them into a book or something. Thanks for the add-on 🙂
    I’ll be passing through more often.


  5. Don’t all of us poets live in a strange world of the subconscious? Funny, I am watching, Total Recall with the former governator himself, and the whole premise is about mindfucks,hahahaha! : )-


  6. Hi,
    Thank you for your kind comments on the haiku! You are welcome to use the haiku on your FB, just please credit me. If you could link it back to my blog, that would be even better, but you don’t have to.


  7. lynnaima: The “Ship of Dreams” poem is a tanka. I wrote it for Experimenting with Poetry Forms (you can find the link at the bottom of the poem). They are similar to Haikus except there are 7 lines. The form (in syllables) is 5-7-5-7-7. That was my first one. I found it more difficult than a haiku. Thanks for reading!


  8. Happy to have found a friend in you…:))
    I guess we share the same passion, for writing and bookssssssssssss!!!!

    Good morning!!!

    I am from the Philippines. I have an FB account I wish we could meet each other there!!!

    Amity (Venelyn Gajudo-Bagasol)


  9. I enjoy your writing and have used a brief portion of your intro on mine – which i hope you don’t mind. Thanks for your (unknowing) inspiration!


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