Mush-room state!

Ever wonder why you attract the people you do! And they say the central theme is you? As if, you would want the pain, unleashed too? Your head’s right, your game’s tight, many players on the field and nothing is alright, or feel right?! That’s the story, an endless litany! What am I to do?Continue reading “Mush-room state!”

Friend ’till the end!

  has purpose forgotten me? I look around wanting a friend someone I can call to spend, minutes that can’t be forgotten shared laughter gifted to the wind. open wide the other side, how living ought to be! sit tight, break bread sip wine, twirl a bit a crocheted connection along life’s end-ing. sometimes inContinue reading “Friend ’till the end!”

It was but a dream!

only the hopeful loves as sweet as poetry and the unbroken so heartedly! I was once upon a lifetime both, in one breath! ’till I tasted earth In her bitterness, withholding air. In the abyss, I bowed to her torment. birthed in memories of long-drawn out wishes, wrapped in grandiose designs As if I could!Continue reading “It was but a dream!”

Volcano: Crash course to you!

It’s been close to five years, nearly sixty months and so many days, I’ll start singing, “seasons of love”. As if you were part of a show or an act in a theater of design. Were you a show? Or just a display in a basket filled with wonderings, pretty things, tasty morsels and colorfulContinue reading “Volcano: Crash course to you!”

Between Cupid and kismet, there you were!

He says he wants to forget. Me. Like a bad taste in one’s mouth. I take it as an admission; he has to work at forgetting. Me. So I smiled at his distaste. At memory. At him. At us. Who we were. Who we are. Who we’ve become. We were something, if only in myContinue reading “Between Cupid and kismet, there you were!”