Pain nothing can assuage,

here therein, 


Beneath our skin.

We peel,




to exhale.

This is why we do what we do.

Dull the senses.




hurt the hurt.





What annihilates: 






there’s no being there

when you’re on the phone

no being there

when you’re texting or emailing 

no being there 

in words

when you

leave a place, any place

when you

by my side, stand or sit

hold my hands 

hug me close

in the arena

take space

behold me





everything fades

mountains shrink

pain is divided

joy is multiplied 

no more a thought, a wish, an idea

it’s you

it’s me

linked, tied


Falling on Sundays

Sundays are becoming my most loved day of the week 

I welcome it with enthusiasm lately

It tastes like sweet beginnings

When anything can happen and I wait in anticipation

It doesn’t lead me anywhere

Nor do I impregnate it with ideals or goals

And on this Sunday 

I spent time as usual on the beach

Dancing to silly tunes, running away from foamy waves

That wants to chase me up the shoreline 

It feels like worship

My mind is blanketed by the sea 

As I dance to the tunes like a silly girl gone wild

Bystanders sometimes will wave at this crazy woman dancing 

They don’t know what I know

The dancing isn’t from joy or longing

It’s about sensation, forgetting and being all at once

I must say I get to live the choices I made

And that’s something, that sure is something 

As the sand stings my naked flesh

I think about valuation

What I value 

Who I value 

It always comes back to you

My greatest love

What I learned

What I know

What I gave up for you

The chances I took

The risks!

Oh the risks!

How l loved you!

Loving you is the best lesson I ever lived

I wish you could have basked in my love longer 

Understood its depth

I am awed 

How can love like this exists

How I was blessed to have known it

How I loved you so much!


Intrinsic value: value for one’s sake, for who you are

Extrinsic value: what do you bring to the table that I value

Yet, I loved you at your worst. Imagine that!

Be here

I never ask anyone for much

Neither do I expect them to come through

It’s always been like that

Me, doing me

Me doing 

Always doing 

But once in a while

Oddly enough from strangers nonetheless 

Something out of the ordinary

They see me

They see me, hear me to the point 

They make room for me

And they surprise me

And because ai don’t ask for much or never do

It is the greatest gift, the sweetest blessing 

So if one day you hear me ask

If one day I am in need of you

Don’t try to fix it, me

Don’t assume, presume or solve

Just be here

Be here 

Be here with me


Before I die

What would I want to improve upon the hand I’m dealt,

before I die?

If only

If only I could see you again

Have you by my side

To hold hands and walk with you

On the beaches in Maui

In the rain, anywhere in the world 

To feel your hands on my back

To have you holding me

And be able to place my head upon your chest, 

feel your every inhale, hear your heart beating 

If only

Could I hold on for one more, one more year

just to have you by my side?

See you smile

Hear your silly jokes and jests

Have you call me “mesmerizing, beautiful, smart”.

Oh! And dance, to dance with you one more time

In the middle of some dark road in Mali 

Or on a rooftop in Miami

I want to see the world throughout eyes

Even when I know we couldn’t last

That I must go

Just one more time

If only

Before I die!

PS: I didn’t want to be strong more so I prayed to be love!

Peace be still!