It was but a dream!

only the hopeful loves as sweet as poetry and the unbroken so heartedly! I was once upon a lifetime both, in one breath! ’till I tasted earth In her bitterness, withholding air. In the abyss, I bowed to her torment. birthed in memories of long-drawn out wishes, wrapped in grandiose designs As if I could!Continue reading “It was but a dream!”

Between Cupid and kismet, there you were!

He says he wants to forget. Me. Like a bad taste in one’s mouth. I take it as an admission; he has to work at forgetting. Me. So I smiled at his distaste. At memory. At him. At us. Who we were. Who we are. Who we’ve become. We were something, if only in myContinue reading “Between Cupid and kismet, there you were!”